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Semasio and NewsGuard partner to protect brands from ad placements on misinformation

New integration makes it easy for advertisers to exclude misinformation sites from ad buys—and to target ad spend toward ...

August 25, 2022

Audience & Creative: Programmatic Success

It is quite clear to most marketers that creative assets play a large and incremental role ...

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Consumer Personas in Programmatic

Thanks to ambitions across the industry and the increased sophistication of data management ...

behavioral targeting

Marketing Science Starts in Physics Class

A slightly altered version of the content in this article has been published by ...

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More Control

Marketers ought to have a right to control, transparency and ownership over how they use ...

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A Linguist's View on Audience Targeting

In this post, I want to outline a linguist’s take on Semantic Behavioral Targeting. The ...

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Clever Isn’t Enough: Why the Future of Marketing is in Machine-Learning

“With just the right copy, it’ll work.”

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