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Marketers ought to have a right to control, transparency and ownership over how they use data and create audiences. Let me take you through how we help empower clients, regardless of where they work:



Semasio provides agencies with a new layer of control and autonomy at a time when they are challenged to differentiate themselves in a tech market that’s more and more crowded with a plethora of programmatic partners and data sources.

Our platform drives the development of insights and expertise that enhance the role of the agency. We empower agencies to be the voice of authority for their clients. While some large brands begin to bring their programmatic “in-house,” Semasio gives agency marketers an advantage – positioning them as the trusted advisor that can create unique, valuable segments.


Traders at demand side platforms (DSPs) and agencies are not always involved in the media or audience planning process. At the same time, they are required to excel at numerous tasks: to drive performance, to show insights into campaigns, and to help understand new audiences that have been uncovered.

The Semasio platform helps find those elusive targets without requiring searching endlessly through audience taxonomies in a DSP. Our clients immediately see exactly who they want to target, get information about that audience, and fill gaps that aren't immediately apparent in the media plan. These insights and expertise position traders to be subject matter experts when responding to campaign questions and campaign wrap-ups.


We also help in-house marketers keep up with their competitors, even if they lack the capital or the resources to outsource their programmatic advertising. As long as the advertiser has a DSP seat and access to our platform, they’ll have all the tools needed to run a programmatic campaign. No one knows their target better than the brand, and Semasio provides tools to create all the audience segments they want. Brands get performance and insights while never being asked to yield control to a third-party or a walled garden.

Every segment built by a marketer is exclusively theirs to use -- competitors can never access your unique audiences. While everyone else fights over stale, off-the-shelf audience segments, Semasio segments are yours to own and refine in perpetuity.

Moreover, Semasio can help to unlock the full value of an advertiser’s first-party data. Clients can use our platform to make one-of-a-kind statistical “twinning” segments based off of this data, creating a powerful new prospecting audience for their campaign.


Regardless of where you work, you’re entitled to full control, transparency, and ownership of your data and audience strategies. Get in touch and let us put you back in the driver’s seat.


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Author: Chrys George

Chrys George is a Client Development Manager at Semasio, based in New York City.
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