Audience & Creative: Programmatic Success

It is quite clear to most marketers that creative assets play a large and incremental role in the performance of programmatic campaigns. Yet, it is unclear how many marketers work diligently to make sure their audience strategy is tailored with as much diligence as their creatives. It’s like buying expensive ties or shoes but neglecting to tailor your suit or dress.

Here is the problem: Audience solutions are often static, outdated, and inaccurate. In 2018 many audience providers touted their distaste for black box solutions. Perhaps some solved that problem, and some continue to buy off-the-shelf audiences. But, what seems to remain unsolved? An infinitely custom audience solution that is transparent, scalable, and complaint.

Most companies who are anti-black box will provision you with the metrics that define your audience. Those audiences are the result of some very large taxonomy. This is a veritable wonderland; a non-holistic conclusion. Why? Because you are out of luck if your ideal consumer fits outside of those pre-set categories. You are also out of luck if your ideal consumer moves outside of a pre-set category because of life changes, cultural changes, etc. Thus, these companies have done well to make an outdated solution more effective, but they have not completely solved the issue for marketers. At Semasio we believe to have solved these problems; we believe that “We All Become More Unique”.

In today's day you can ensure your audience strategy aligns with your creative strategy. For example: If you are marketing a new SUV, your in-target consumers likely have varying hobbies. If some prefer surfing over mountain biking, wouldn't they rather see a surfboard on the roof of the vehicle?

In a past article I explained how Semasio can generate infinitely custom Consumer Personas for datacentric marketers to target. This is a very efficacious way to target users at scale by their individual likes, preferences, and needs regardless of what sort of data is already in-hand. In sum, Semasio can make sure your audience strategy matches the ambitions of your creative teams.

Then, how does Semasio put marketers in a state of absolute autonomy, transparency, dynamic control, and compliance?

  • Segments can be pushed to any of the leading DSPs with the click of a button. Many of our direct DSP integrations exceed match rates of 90%.
  • Reach, recency, and frequency can be tweaked on all segments thus our clients are in complete control of interest states, need states, budget goals, etc.
  • Segments are completely dynamic, which means our clients’ programmatic audience strategy adapts to the ever-changing lives of their targets.
  • The platform empowers users of any background to perform sophisticated data science with ease.
  • Data protection is at the core of our offering. We are members of EDAA and NAI and we follow the DAA’s self-regulatory principles.

People are ever-changing, as are the goals and desires of marketers. In today’s day audience segments need to be actionable across different activation platforms. They need to perform well while being compliant. They need to be specific but scalable. They need to be sophisticated but intuitive. They need to be autonomous but controllable. At Semasio we empower these ideals in over 25 countries by utilization of over 30 language models.

As I wrote in my last article, “Semasians” are always happy to make new friends across the industry. If you share our ideals and/or would like to learn more, just say hello!

Author: Mikael Holcombe-Scali

Mikael Holcombe-Scali is Business Development Manager at Semasio, based in New York City.
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