Target Fans of Any Show

“How do I target consumers who love a show that is streamed?!” It seems marketers are having trouble reaching consumers across the web who enjoy watching certain shows. However, this is quite easy to accomplish.

Consumers who love a certain show often read about its content online. Its characters, its plot twists, its next season predictions, etc. If you want to target consumers who love a certain show you need only target consumers who behave in a way that is indicative of this truth. That is, you can seek to target consumers across the web who consume content about these shows at significant rates, over valuable time periods.

Let’s use Game of Thrones for an example. Semasio can provision marketers with the actual users who consume GoT content at relevant frequencies, over relevant time periods. I.e., marketers are not only empowered to easily generate and activate this custom audience on the leading DSP of their choice, but they are also empowered to differentiate between a “GoT-Lover” and “GoT-Interest”. This way, a marketer can reach in-target users on any site they may visit across the web.

I’m sure you have questions, so, let’s answer a few preemptively:

“How do you do it?” Ah, of course! Semasio appends the key terms and phrases that individual users have consumed to their own individual user profile (with strict data protective processes in place). We have a view of >90% internet population globally (>95% in the U.S.). Thus, we understand (at scale) which users have an affinity for certain topics. This could be anything: 4 door electric vehicles, retirement investment accounts, the Super Bowl, veganism, The Avengers movie, Game of Thrones, etc.

“What’s the data quality like?” Yep, keep ‘em coming! At Semasio we don’t pre-categorize users by broad behavioral categories (as most in our industry do). Each user profile contains as many as 70,000 valuable data points per user, per month. We maintain individual user profiles, which update dynamically in real time as the user consumes more pages online. I.e., audience/bidding strategies adjust to users moving in and out of a defined segment. Thus, our custom segments preserve information and never fall whim to stasis.

“Well, do you control the entire process?” Actually, that is entirely up to you. We believe marketers deserve absolute control over their data. Reach, lookback window, included/excluded keywords/URLs, etc. are fully transparent & can be tweaked in our platform. We are always happy to share this information if our clients are operating via Managed Service. If they are using the platform themselves via Self Service, it is all in front of them. Further, we believe in complete autonomy. Thus, we empower platform users (either Semasio representatives or a client-user) to build whatever custom segment they require with ease.

Curious to learn more? Reach out with any questions or for a free platform demo! “Semasians” always appreciate making new friends in the industry.

Author: Mikael Holcombe-Scali

Mikael Holcombe-Scali is Business Development Manager at Semasio, based in New York City.
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