Market to Your Customers in their Own Words

There’s an audience comprised of your perfect customers out there – if only you could read minds. With Semantic Behavioral Targeting you essentially can, building segments based on the words and content consumers engage with -- giving you the power to find your “impossible audience.”

The traditional, tried-and-true method of user profiling has been the taxonomical method.

In this process, a user’s page view events are processed according to a category (determined by a person), and the categories from multiple events create a profile for that user. These profiles are collected into an audience.

Ultimately, it’s not a bad story – but it’s not the full or the real story, either. It’s a simplified and subjective view, and it’s one that’s rendered obsolete by technological advances for marketers.

Machine Learning – the Perpetual Student

Machine learning has fostered incredible advancements in natural language processing (NLP). We can take unimaginable amounts of language data – all the content accessed by hundreds of millions of users daily – and use it as quantifiable, manipulatable data.

Unlike a human, NLP never pauses to rest on its assumptions when processing data. The algorithm is constantly learning with every individual event processed. Essentially, it has a flawless learning mindset that never grows fatigued or rushes to judgment. From a linguistic standpoint, the vocabulary is never considered complete, nor are the existing terms etched in stone. The focus is on finding differences, rather than settling on off-the-shelf generic categories.

Unique Audiences You Can Use…And Use

While other data providers try to match the goals of a campaign with a pre-existing segment, Semantic Behavioral Targeting gives marketers an edge in finding unique audiences that constantly adapt to change. So, for example, if you create an audience of users who intend to purchase a car, and you want to go back and run a campaign with the same goal a year later, you don’t need to worry about targeting the same users again. Using the same criteria, the audience will be updated to target the right customers.

Semasio uses NLP to also give you marketing intelligence to better assess which insights about your audiences’ content consumption will help meet campaign objectives. Because we’re collecting so much information about every page view event, we can find connections between terms that might not have come up using the traditional method of taxonomical processing. These connections come up naturally while working with a client to create an audience – and they ensure that every audience is uniquely tailored to the marketing goals of a campaign.

Yours to Keep

Along with creating audiences with more depth and accuracy than the competition, Semasio also provides total audience ownership to all clients. So, if you create an audience for a campaign, it’s yours to keep and will never be resold to a competitor (such reselling is common in the world of data management platforms (DMPs) with “black box” off-the-shelf segments).

With NLP helping power your targeting strategy, marketers now have the ability to “read customers’ minds” and use those insights to find their impossible audiences.

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Author: Jeff Adler

Jeff Adler is a Client Development Manager at Semasio, based in New York City.
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