Semasio Shortlisted for The Wires Global Awards

Semasio is thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted for two of ExchangeWire’s 2021 Wires Global Awards. According to ExchangeWire, “The Wires Global recognizes the very best use of digital media, marketing and commerce, with a focus on ad tech and martech, across all aspects of media sales and media buying, celebrating use of technology, expertise, and innovation within the industry.”

We’re lucky enough to have been shortlisted for not one but two of this year’s Wires Awards. The award for “Best New Product or Service (Buy Side)” is conferred for “A new advertising/marketing technology product or service, which helps marketers/buyers manage and execute smarter, data-driven digital campaigns, grow their audiences, delivering outstanding performance.” The award for “Best Use of Data" recognizes “the most effective and innovative use, management, and/or activation of data in driving outstanding digital advertising performance."

How did we get here?

Semasio has had a big year. In 2020, we launched Unified Targeting, our approach to the privacy-first era. Unified Targeting is a first-of-its kind solution that bridges the gap between audience and contextual targeting, securing a resilient transition to the privacy-first era.  The first major test of our Unified Targeting approach with Audi Denmark was a breakout success, outperforming our expectations. Along with PHD Media, we worked with Audi Denmark to solve one of the biggest problems facing the industry: the coming cookiepocalypse.

The cookiepocalypse has already come to Denmark. Apple’s high market share along with some of the strictest interpretations of the EU’s GDPR consent collection rules are among some of the factors that have slashed user-level targetability to around 35%. This forces brands to pay more for significantly reduced pool of targetable users as well as more for premium content, and it also reduces brand reach and conversion.

Unified Targeting for the Win!

Our work with Audi Denmark and PHD Media has shown that we can bridge the gap between various targeting strategies to create a genuinely future-proof solution, one that can flexibly deliver new targets and converters no matter what data and privacy environment you’re in.

In order to improve reach, lower CPM, find new pools of targets and improve conversions, Audi Denmark test drove Semasio’s Unified Targeting. The results were significant bumps in conversion rates as well as substantial cost reductions.

Audi case

By unifying audience and contextual targeting through inclusion and exclusion strategies – Semasio has helped Audi Denmark improve digital customer acquisition, grow their audiences, and deliver smarter campaigns.

Being nominated by a jury of this quality is already an award in itself. We’re excited to be recognized for the work we’ve done to help our clients transition to the cookieless future.  

To learn more, check out our Audi Case study to see how our Unified Targeting approach was able to deliver such impressive results for Audi Denmark.

Author: Semasio