Semasio Audiences Now Available In The LiveRamp Data Marketplace

We are excited to announce the availability of our Semantic Audiences in the LiveRamp® Data Marketplace!

Semasio pioneered semantic targeting as an alternative to the traditional taxonomical approach, which relies on a simple and static category-based user profiling. Instead, we understand users on their own terms – the terms they consume every day.

Our Semantic Approach uses Natural Language Processing to objectively profile users in real-time based on key terms and phrases they consume across hundreds of pages each month, without destroying any information in the profiling process. This results in rich, up-to-date user profiles that lead to infinite transparency, flexibility, and precision throughout the audience creation process. Additionally, none of our user profiles contain personally identifiable information (PII) and we are following and complying with the highest privacy requirements of CCPA, DAA, and NAI, for example.    

As a result of this integration, marketers can access more than 220 standard Semasio audiences that are now available for immediate activation in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. These are segments of users who have actually consumed the key terms and phrases relevant to a specific target audience. For instance, our standard segment ‘Smart Watches’ contains users who have consumed a mix of keywords and phrases such as ‘smartwatch, ‘Apple watch’, ‘Fitbit’, etc., with a relevant recency and frequency, and who would typically be found on pages such as, ‘Types Of Smart Watches: Which One Is Right For You?’.

Thanks to the LiveRamp Data Marketplace, we can also offer custom segments for specific brand and campaign needs. Marketers can request a custom semantic audience to reach users with even the most niche affinities, recency, and frequency settings, or build a lookalike audience based on semantic similarities of a seed audience with as little as 300 users.

Start activating our standard audiences through the LiveRamp Data Marketplace today, or feel free to reach out to if you have any questions about how a standard segment of interest is composed, would like to suggest an addition to the current portfolio, or are looking for a high quality custom segment.

Author: Semasio